Social Responsibility 2009

In accordance with G4S global policy on Social Responsibility, G4S Thailand marked the start of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in 2010 by launching several new programs.

  • Computer Donation Reboot the Thai Child Life!

    G4S joined together with Green Wave 106.5 radio station on “2nd hand Comp’, help the kids, Help the World” project by donating used computers, printers and other electronic devices on the purpose of rebooting the underprivileged child’ s life.  Green Wave who acted as central collector will coordinate further with Kra Jok Ngao Foundation to ensure that the items are conveyed to the appropriate place in need.

    The benefit of the donation is not only help reducing landfill space but it also will be of tremendous positive change in the lives of so many less fortunate children in a number of ways.  This project is in line with the G4S Group policy on the approach of being a Good Company Citizen by putting the effort to improve society and environment.

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  • Save someone’s Life Blood Donation

    National Blood Centre, Thai Red Cross Society is facing a low supply of all blood groups. G4S staff who wish to donate blood to help saving someone’s life, has no need to travel away to Heri Dunant road anymore.  Now the donation takes place every 3 month at the Italthai Industrail Co.,Ltd. situate next to our head office, New Petchaburi road.

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  • 2nd G4S United Kathin

    Our honorary leader, General Wichit Yathip, the consultancy chairman, Lt.Col. Anuwong Sitthisaributh, the privilege shareholder and Mr. Gordon J. Blackwood, the Regional Managing Director Southern Asia happily invited G4S staffs and business partners to co-host on a  2nd G4S United Kathin presented to Doi Kaew temple, Hang-Dong Chiang Mai.  The purpose of this Kathin is to support the completion of temple wall construction that begun since last year, and to establish the sustainability sense of the Buddhism, the beautiful local Thai culture and custom in the Thai society.

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  • Bike Donation

    For some child the bicycle is not a toy, it is a necessity. Many stateless children, known as the new ethnic, live on the line of the Thai – Myanmar border, have to travel long distances to and from school. The simple donation of a bicycle will provide a treasured gift to them. G4S have donated the bicycles that took back from Guarding service customer sites, to those under privileged children at Viakady community, Sangklaburi, and at Baan Pakoolang community, Nongprue Kanjanaburi on August 26, 2009. In coordination with the Volunteer to Society Foundation, the foundation will arrange for the vocation students volunteer to do a bike refurbishment before they are being carried to the children.

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  • Big Thank,Yeh! I can RuN;

    With collaboration of G4S staffs, the used aluminum parts have been collected and donated to the Prostheses Foundation of H.R.H. the Princess Mother, under the project of help fulfilling the poor amputees to be able to stand for their lives and a better quality of lives. The donated aluminium parts such as a lid of various kind of the beverage cans or bottles, power casket lids, old pans, aluminium pots and other trash of aluminium items (note that the coffee or some kinds of milk cans that its parts are mixed with iron is not useable). These aluminium items will be melt as the materials and components for making artificial legs as Coupling, Socket attachment, Artificial hip joint, Cane, Walker, Nut , bolt and screw. The amputees would not be any burden to the society and they were able to walk again.

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