Cash Security Services

G4S Cash Solutions (Thailand) Limited


Founded in 1982, G4S Cash Solutions (Thailand) Limited was the first company in Thailand to provide Cash Management Services and remains the clear industry leader providing a full range of outsourced solutions to most banks, financial institutions and many brand name retail outlets and petrol stations.

With over 343 specially designed security vehicles, 11 Cash Centres purpose built to meet high international security standards and 23 Branches covering the whole of Thailand and with over 1,000 highly disciplined and very experienced staff, the Company is able to provide clients their own dedicated secure vehicles with vetted and trained crews, also dedicated cash centres, secure cash collection and delivery with or without processing, secure vaulting services both short and long term for valuables, cheque centres, gems and jewelry exhibitions, ATM replenishment and maintenance services and secure courier services. All services can be provided throughout the whole of Thailand with full international insurance to meet all clients exacting requirements and, in partnership with our sister company, G4S International, services can be delivered seamlessly door-to-door worldwide.

In 2002 the Company was awarded with ISO 9001:2000 in recognition of its quality standards and was the first cash management services company to receive ISO 9001:2008 in Thailand.

Cash Services

G4S Cash Solutions (Thailand) Limited offers cash management solutions to governments, commercial, local and international banks, as well as to leading financial institutions and to many brand name retailers throughout Thailand.

In line with our corporate global policy of being at the forefront of our industry, we apply innovation, technology, best practises and best people to deliver cost effective solutions to exacting agreed customer services and we set many benchmarks for others to follow. Our pricing is sensitive to local market conditions yet delivers best quality to international standards.

We are truly an independent provider of outsourced Cash Services, whereas most of our competitors are aligned in various ways to Government or Commercial Banks. This independence better provides our clients the assurance they need regarding confidentiality of their valuable assets.

All operations are monitored and controlled from our dedicated 365 24/7 Control Centre in Bangkok and from other Control Centres located throughout Thailand.

Our Core Services

  • Security Transportation Service
             -    Dedicated Armoured Vehicle Service / Non Dedicated Vehicle Service
             -    Domestic Courier Service
  • Cash Processing Service
             -    Cash and Coin Processing Service
             -    Changed Fund Service
             -    Wage Packet Service (Pay-Pak)
             -    Onsite Counting Service
  • Cash Centre Management Service
  • ATM and ADM Management Service
  • Security Storage Service (Vaulting)
  • Cheque Distribution Centre and Bill Placement Service
  • Teller Service

Security Transportation Service

This service involves the physical movement of cash, whether in note or coin form, by armored vehicles on behalf of financial and retail customers.

G4S Cash Solutions uses the best technology and with armored 343 vehicles fleet to deliver world class cash Transportation services including the 24-hour collection of cash and coin in Thailand. All services are under the watchful eye of our advanced Operations Control Centre that plans and tracks every consignment with an integrated management information system. G4S Cash Solutions fully insures the value of all cash under its control.

Dedicated Armoured Vehicles

In addition to our traditional cash in transit services provided on a per trip basis, we are able to offer an alternative cost saving solution for banking customers wishing to manage their own cash transportation requirements. G4S Cash Solutions runs the best-in-class armoured fleet and can offer these specially designed high security vehicles, with vetted, trained and experienced crews, on a dedicated contract basis. This service enables banks to effectively manage their cash transportation between branches and customers, providing a ready supply of cash.

Domestic Courier Services

G4S Cash Solutions provides same-day and next-day parcel courier services for time critical items such as cheques and computer media.  Services are tailored to companies looking for secure courier services backed up by higher security levels.  Services are available 24 hours a day.

We are committed to providing high quality security cash services to all our customers, services that are well above the standards normally associated with our industry.

Cash and Coin Processing Service

G4S Cash Solutions’s Cash and Coin Processing Centre handles in excess of THB100 billion of banknotes and 600 tons of coins every month. We provide both financial and retail customers with a cost-effective solution for cash and coin processing.

Due to our special relationship with commercial banks we are able to collect money from retail customers on a daily basis, process the collected money on the customer’s behalf and then credit to the customer’s bank account early the next day.

Changed Fund Service

One of the vital factors in retail market of Hyper Store, Supermarket or Retail Chain Store, not only utilization, locating supply source but also high transportation costing factor is coin for changes.. We are also able to supply retail customers with coins and small notes to meet their daily change requirements

Wage Packet Service (Pay-Pack)

We make up wage packets according to the customer’s requirements and liaise with your payroll office on necessary deductions etc. G4S Cash Solutions operate Pay Pack over 150,000 wage packets every year.  Main customer is construction site or factory who has high rate of staff turnover.

Cash Centre Management Service

Many banks and financial institutions are down-sizing their cash centre operations or creating cash centre operations and outsourcing the service, enabling them to focus on their core business.  G4S Cash Solutions has developed considerable experience in this field and operates several cash centres on behalf of others.  We are able to provide a partial or a full cash centre outsourcing solution to operating a sub-treasury using leading-edge technology with best-in-class software recording and reporting cash processed with vault management software.  Through value-added process improvement and increasing speed of circulation, we aim to maximize the time value of money for customers by reducing the cost of cash through smaller cash holdings.

ATM and ADM Management Service

ATMs service customers of banks and financial institutions, often far removed from CBD and High Streets but more and more where it is most convenient for their customers, both at small mini branches and off site. Timely replenishment, 24/7 is essential for both customer satisfaction and minimizing cash holdings.

We deliver hundreds of orders every day to a variety of clients using various ATM models, thus also ensuring clients staff are not put at risk handling large sums of cash often in public places whilst also reducing their staff costs when replenishment is required out of normal working hours.

We can provide the Replenishment Service both as an Emergency Fill or Daily Regular Order Service, in addition we are able to provide first-line maintenance and on-line monitoring services.

Security Storage Service (Vaulting)

G4S Cash Solutions provides customers with secure vaulting services such as gold bullion, watches, telephone cards, exclusive mobile telephone, traveler’s’ cheque, gems and jewelry. G4S Cash Solutions also offers all companies off site back up computer tapes and other non-paper records storage.

G4S Cash Solutions’s vaulting services are of higher standard than industry norms, as all items are stored in a secure controlled facility operated under strict security and safety standards. Whether a customer’s valuables of personal or commercial are entrusted to us on a temporary or long term basis, all items are fully insured by G4S Cash Solutions and monitored round-the-clock by computerized security systems operated by professionally trained security staff.

Cheque Distribution Centre and Bill Placement Service

Financial Institutions nowadays are facing high competition, high operating cost, and high IT investment in this globalization. To ease customer burden and assisting to concentrate in the core business, high yield business, increase staff productivity and also value added to customer, with G4S Cash Solutions’s Global expertise plus Local expertise in combination with varieties of in house security service function, enable G4S Cash Solutions to offers cheque distribution centre to all financial institutions.

The Cheque Distribution Center and Bill Placement Service will be operating with custom- made service. The Center is installed of full IT function, security function with 24 hours monitoring and alarms, operating with high speed performance service, accuracy and full back up by our Laksi Security Center’s IT function on Business Recovery Plan.

Teller Service

Cash circulation in the market still exist.  It is not replaced by electronic card. The more money has received and been deposited in the bank’s account daily.   The Teller Service is our solutions for non-financial institution who must receive the cash from their end customers and deposit to bank’s account on behalf of their customer’s.  G4S Cash Solutions starts operations since receiving the cash from their end customers, security transportation, deposit total cash  and report to the customer on daily basis